Super Weight Loss Tip – A Weight Loss Secret


Have you ever worried about something so much it paralyzed you from doing something about it? Have you ever been so obsessed with your weight that nothing seemed to work? I have and I think you have too.

Yesterday I sold my car. It was for sale for six months. I had two calls on it in that time frame. Two hours after I sold my car, I had five phone calls inquiring on the ad in the paper. Can you explain that?

Last week a woman came into my office very frustrated about her weight. Everything she tried seemed to be going in the opposite direction. The harder she worked the more weight she seemed to gain. You know what I said to her? I said, “Let it go.” She looked at me like I was crazy. What are you saying? She asked with a blank look on her face. Here was my reply;

Take the behavior of a cat for instance. What does a cat do when you want them around? You never see them. Where is the cat when you could care less? Yes, right under your feet. In some cases, you have to detach yourself emotionally from the frustration. Do not miss understand me. I am not saying stop consistently exercising and eating right. What I am saying is detach yourselves from the obsession. I said to her, “YOU ARE TRYING TO HARD MENTALLY! This was bogging her down so much that she was just about ready to quit.

Do you know when I sold my car? I sold it not long after I stopped worrying about it.

In other words, losing weight may come down to you continually looking at the bigger picture, not your immediate needs? The bigger picture is you are in this for the long haul, no matter what. Keeping your eye on the bigger benefits. This is much more rewarding and less frustrating overall.

I’m not saying this will be a simple thing to do, but if you can somehow to detach yourself from the burdensome frustration of not reaching your goals, you may then be amazed how this will free your mind and miraculously free some weight to come off.

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