Healthy Eating Plans Can Be Easy


There are many weight loss plans and products out in the market today. You see ads of these plans and products in magazines, home tv shopping networks and billboards. This just shows that there is a big market for these. Many people are really trying to lose weight.

Instead of wasting your time and effort in looking at those fad diets, it will be best for you to choose healthy food choices if you want to lose weight. Going on diets that ask you cut down on these or cut down on that may work for you for a while but you will definitely gain back whatever pounds you have lost in the future. The term going on a diet implies a temporary state. This means that after a while, you will go off the diet. What you need if you really want to lose weight is a change of lifestyle. Make your diet a permanent one by sticking to a healthy eating plan.

The first step is not to skip meals. Eat small portions of breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner. Skipping meals only lower your body’s metabolic rate. This means that fewer calories are converted into energy and used up for your daily activities. Here is an example of the healthy eating plan that you can have.

Breakfast – Eat breakfast cereals. You can top it with slices of bananas or strawberries. You can also add chopped walnuts and almonds. Cereals contain fibers that are good for digestion. Bananas and strawberries will give you vitamins and minerals that you will need for proper body functioning. Nuts are rich in vitamin E and are good antioxidants. If you want a heavier breakfast, you can add some protein such as an egg, cooked any way you like.
Morning snacks – Eat fresh fruits. An apple is a good fruit to have for snacks as they make you feel full. You can also eat vegetable slices like carrot and celery sticks. Again, high protein snacks are a good idea and can come in the form of nuts, yogurt, or even a protein shake (made from whey protein).
Lunch – You can have rice, grilled fish or steamed chicken breast and vegetables. A healthy serving of rice is equivalent to the size of your fist. Steamed food usually taste bland but you can make it more exciting by steaming it together with herbs like rosemary and basil. You can steam chicken together with vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower for added flavor. If you can pack this up the night before, it makes for a nice lunch at work.
Afternoon snacks – Like with the morning snacks you can eat fruits for your afternoon snacks. To make it heavier on the tummy so you don’t feel hungry early on, add some lean protein.
Dinner – For your last meal of the day, you can have pasta. Choose pesto or fresh tomato sauce. You may think that pesto is not good because it is oil based but remember that olive oil is used instead of other kinds of oil. Olive oil has monounsaturated fats. It is also trans-fat-free. These make it good for the heart. A healthy serving size of pasta is equivalent to a regular scoop of ice cream. Add in some lean meat or chicken and a healthy serving of vegetables, and you have a very balanced dinner.

This healthy eating plan is just an example. You can make variations, as the idea is to eat a variety of whole foods and balance carbs, fats, and proteins in a way that keeps you going throughout the day.

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