Diet Properties of Tea


There is still much more research to be done on the matter but many scientists support the results of studies showing the diet properties of tea.  All teas come from the same plant.  The only difference between green tea, black tea, and white tea fundamentally is how they are processed.  The different processes change the unique makeup of the tea leaf giving green tea, black tea, and white tea varying health benefits.  Of the teas mentioned green tea stands above the rest as the tea for dieters.

Green tea has been found to contain the highest level of EGCG, a phytonutrient that regulates metabolism through a variety of hormonal mechanisms which are not yet fully studied.  The first effect is that EGCG reduces the amount of leptin in the blood.  Leptin is a protein that affects how the brain interprets fat storage.  Research is sketchy but it is possible that leptin is an appetite stimulant and that reducing it reduces appetite.  Other research indicates that lowering leptin should increase the appetite and suggests that EGCG reduces appetite through another mechanism, making the diet potential of tea even more obvious.

The EGCG in green tea also increases blood levels of noradrenaline.  Noradrenaline is a hormone that controls the activation of brown fat tissue.  Brown fat tissue pulls and burns caloric intake from white fat cells.  The caloric reduction of white fat tissue results in a shrinkage of the fat cells such as are found around the waists, hips, and thighs.  This naturally reduces weight.

For those who do not like the taste of green tea, green tree extracts are available in pill form that can be taken two to four times daily.  These capsules generally are caffeine free making them a viable option for those who are caffeine sensitive or have a thyroid condition.  It’s recommended that those on green tea supplements increase water intake as the pills have a diuretic effect.

For those who enjoy the flavor of green tea, brewing your own is more favorable to bottled varieties.  To unlock the full antioxidant and diet properties of tea, steep your tea for at least five minutes, drink four to six glasses per day, and maximize the health benefits by omitting the cream and sugar.

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