Detox Your Way To Healthy Looking Skin


There are ways to approach skin care for men without incurring the expense of a day spa. With a bit of time and a few simple ingredients, you can detox your way to the healthy looking skin. This will not only eliminate toxins and improve skin’s appearance, it will stimulate overall body circulation.

A healthy diet including plenty of water, along with adequate rest, are keys to any detox program. Drink a cup of hot water containing lemon every morning in order to help the body balance pH. During a shower, alternate between cold and warm water several times in order to improve circulation. End the shower with warm water and practice this technique several times per week.

Dry skin brushing is another popular detox method employed by many spas. Purchase a soft-bristled brush, loofah sponge, or silk mitten, any of which can be found at a local retail store or online. Start at the soles of the feet and continue up, working against the direction of circulation. Massage in a circular motion in a direction toward the heart, applying only light pressure. Do this twice per day and focus on areas containing cellulite while avoiding areas that contain varicose veins, cuts, or broken capillaries.

There are certain diets and products that can aid in detoxification. Juice fasting, or drinking only fruit or vegetable juice and water for up to seven days, has been proven to release toxins from the body. There are also over the counter cleansing supplement packages available that contain herbs, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. An ancient detoxification practice is to drink water only one day per week. However, this can also expose a person to dehydration, so this method is recommended only under careful observation.

These are just a few of the ways to detox your way to the healthy looking skin. Exercise, including yoga or martial arts, is perhaps the most important way one can detoxify the body while at the same time obtain additional health benefits. Purchase a new pair of men’s swimming trunks and get swimming to also help. Try several different detox methods in order to find one that is most effective.

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